Features Page Update!

Hi everyone,

As promised, a new update on development has arrived!

Our Features Page has been released! There you can find the official list of game features that will make up Fantage Legacy. You can view the page by clicking here.

On a quick side note, I have been getting a huge influx of emails that consist of questions, applications, and other inquiries about the game! Thank you for your patience as I sort through all of these! My inbox is crazy right now. So just know that I’m not ignoring anyone!

Thanks for the continued support of our project, and I’ll update you guys again soon! (Hopefully with a LIVE demo next time…?)

Catch ya later!



6 thoughts on “Features Page Update!

  1. I stumbled upon this while I was crying over Fantage’s death haha

    I’m not an active Fantage player because the pressure to become a member and the glitches were too annoying, but I will definitely check this out once it’s finished!

    I have one question though. Is this actually legal? Isn’t Fantage copyrighted or something? Please explain how that works.



  2. Will the game be based on an old version of Fantage? (Old Star Cafe, Top Models Inc., Le Shop, etc.) Also, I’m very excited for the Discord server!


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