What Could This Mean?

Hi all,

I know updates have been…. lacking. So to make up for it, Officer Russel took a screenshot of an encounter he had earlier today! Check it out below:

Fantage Legacy

What could this mean… A new design?! Next week sounds like a big preview of the future of the game.

That’s all for now!


46 thoughts on “What Could This Mean?

  1. I’m super hyped for whatever you guys come out with! The wait is nothing is comparison to a life without Fantage (rip), so just keep up the good work!
    I am sad that I didn’t know about this sooner tho I would have requested for my user to have been saved :(, I’ll just have to make the climb back up to 744!


  2. So sad that fantage has ended! When I tried to log on a minute a go it said ‘Not Found (error to origin)’ and it really broke my heart. But I hope that Fantage Legacy will live up to its expectations! I look forward to when it will finally be released.


      1. When its out?
        I’ve my Fantage pinned n bookmarks and whenever I open chrome I just click Fantage imidiately LOL.
        Then I Realize that fantage is gone xD


  3. It’s pretty awesome that you guys are continuing to build the fantage community. I’m extremely excited for the release or a preview of what you guys have been working on! ^~^


  4. when you choose users for beta will it be something like a raffle where everyone puts their usernames into a website and then the website randomly choose the beta testers? or will you be choosing the testers yourselves?


  5. Would this ever be compatible on puffin? Since I used puffin to play fantage when it existed and really want to play this private server as I have no laptop/pc atm. #ALLIN!


  6. heyy i know your really busy but are do we need to purchase gold and stars and ecoins?? Or do we have to somewhat sell?
    -tiffany 🙂


  7. this is just a suggestion, but can you make it possible for Fantagians who don’t speak English as their first language to communicate with others using their own languages? I mean like without having to use the standard English alphabet when typing. I’m personally multilingual and would love it if I was able to type in Arabic (which is my mother language) when talking to my other Arab friends of Fantage. Thank you lots for your hard work and I hope you can take this one in consideration!!


  8. hey when does this new game come out and will it be the same as fantage hopefully it is thanks for the new game because i cant live without fantage i love the game


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