Hi all,

Long awaited updates are finally here! Unfortunately we have to start with bad news…

(Email from

On July 1st, 2018 our support email received the following message from

Dear ————-, admins have been informed of a possible copyright infringement against our digital items. has not given permission for any third parties to use any digital content, illegal use of assets is strictly prohibited and will pursue necessary action if needed.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Team

So there are a few things that could have happened:

  • Someone notified about what we were doing. (Thanks anonymous)
  • found out about our project themselves based on the recent spike in popularity in our project.

What does that mean for Fantage Legacy Edition?

  • We have no options but to cancel this project.

So… what do we do now?

  • Time to commence Plan Z. (I love Plan Z.)

M, what is Plan Z?

  • Plan Z is our backup plan. Our backup plan is simple… Create a new game SIMILAR to So we can’t use THEIR content, however if we create new content based off of their content… we are in the clear. The full creation of this game will be a very slow, and very time consuming process. So we need YOUR help.
  • Starting today (July 12th, 2018), we will be holding a contest. To all of the creative, artistic users out there, here is your shot to impress the world:
    • We need new avatar designs, new location designs, and new user-interface designs. 
    • DIGITAL DESIGNS (Using programs such as: Photoshop, Paint.NET, Illustrator, Paint, Flash) will be the only entries we will accept. Please do not send us hand drawn entries.
    • We want a design SIMILAR to Fantage. Not the exact same thing, but SIMILAR. (Yes we still want human avatars, hover-boards, and Agent Scarlet)Scarlet Disintegration 2
    • The theme of Plan Z will remain the same as Fantage… futuristic, fun, and fantastic. (Yes we still want chibi, anime characters based on the characters from Fantage.)
    • Send your designs to:
    • The contest will be open until (July 31st, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST)! Users will have until then to show us their creative skills! I even heard from a trustworthy source that if a winner agrees to work with us, there will be commission?! Don’t miss out!
    • Only share your work once you have submitted it to us to avoid others stealing your work. Also, state that the art is for our contest to get the word out! Try not to copy the style that others have made because we want to see as much diversity as possible. Send any drafts or brainstorming questions to @JimmyFantage on instagram or Discord for any pointers.

So here is the recap:

  • Fantage Legacy has been DISCONTINUED. Please do not continue to harass M about when it will open.
  • In place of Fantage Legacy, Plan Z will OPEN (a new game that has yet to be named).
  • Our new game will NOT happen overnight. We understand that some (if not most) of you will lose interest until you physically see something you can interact with for yourself. We respect your decision to move on, and we’ll see you back here when we publicly launch the game. For those of you that stick with us through development, we’ll see you in closed beta sometime between September-November of 2018!
  • All donations for Fantage Legacy have been refunded back to users.
  • Our website, ( will remain open for users to reference our previous Fantage Legacy project. Over the next few days, we will convert the website into a archive of Fantage information to remember it by what it was. If you would like to help with this process, please email us at
  • We are still early on in the development of our new game, so we will periodically open more positions over time. These will not be voluntary positions, and will include the addition of more administrators, marketing specialists, and front end designers.
  • All job listings that were publicly posted have been removed. 
    • We are still making our way through all of the design applications because we are still looking for some solid designers. (Sorry moderator applicants, but you have been pushed to the back of the priority list.)
    • All design applications should have received some type of email back in regards to the status of their application by August 1st, 2018.
  • New design contest! Send your best NEW designs to for a chance to work with us on our new project, Plan Z! The contest is open from Now to (July 31st, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST)! Show off your new avatar, location, world map, or user-interface designs!

We would like to thank all of our supporters for sticking with us from day one. We understand the disappointment of not being able to see Fantage Legacy come to life. All of us here hope that you continue to support our new project in place of Fantage Legacy. Our goal is to continue to share and create new memories with friends, in an environment that allows for everyone to have fun. The early stages in game development are the most important, and we need the feedback of everyone. Now is the time to create.

Like stated above, we understand that most of you will leave the scene until you can see the resulting product itself. You won’t hurt any of our feelings by leaving, we promise. Meantime there are some other great games on the market (IMVU, Line Play, Webkinz, Animal Jam) that you can entertain yourself with until we publicly open. All of us working on the Fantage Legacy project have been donating our time for you to attempt to make something happen. We are not getting paid to do this by anyone, just keep that in mind as you attempt to flood the comment section with negativity.

I have full confidence in this fantastic group of individuals that will be converted into their new roles of this new production, and I can’t wait to see what we can create together with the help of the dedicated individuals in the community. It all starts with you.

So what are you waiting for?! Fire up Photoshop or whatever program you like to use and start coming up with some awesome new concepts and designs!

For questions about these new updates, please contact us at:

Catch ya later,

-The Fantage Legacy Team


47 thoughts on “IMPORTANT UPDATES!

  1. It’s a bummer that the project was discontinued, I’m still happy though that you aren’t giving up hope, and you will try to achieve a new clean slate of ideas, this new game could be a big one!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Perhaps because it is still their content that they created. They may decide to reboot the game in some other form down the line? Who knows. -M


  2. This is so unfortunate, but it was probably going to happen in the future anyway. Is there any possibility Fantage would give you permission if you asked? Probably not.

    Thank you for not giving up despite the setbacks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately the administrators of the game control that, and by the looks of it they will hold on to the name and assets they have created over the years. -M


  3. Sad to see Fantage Legacy cancelled due to copyright issues, but looking forward to the new game coming soon. I’m shit with pixels, but I’ll support this new project all the way. 🙂


  4. This is really sad news but we’ll be here to support you guys! I’m sure this new game is gonna be amazing, so take your time and please don’t be pressured to finish it as quick as possible! Hard work takes time, so I would rather play a game that’s well made than a game that was created overnight to please impatient people. Thank you guys so much for not giving up on this project!


  5. Still happy that you guys aren’t giving up and are continuing on with a Plan Z!! Will keep supporting you guys.. Work Hard!


    1. The administrators (owners) of the name, and assets can still claim their digital content. They don’t have to be a corporation to hold claims on digital items or the name. They in fact still own the name, and they may hold on to it for awhile… perhaps to use it for other projects or new things they have in the works? -M

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  6. So how was CP Rewritten able to bypass the copyright infringements after CP closed is what I’m wondering. I noticed under “17 U.S. Code § 107” it says it is not a copyright infringement if the reproduction use is for a non-profit and educational mean, which in this case nothing different. I am not really familiar of the legal side of things so correct me if I am missing something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keep this in mind…. numerous other CP emulators HAVE been shut down by Disney. CP Rewritten has gone and come back multiple times. It appears Disney gave up? Who knows. It is a really grey area because it technically is and technically is not legal even with that law. To be safe, we concluded that just starting from the ground up by basing something off of Fantage would be the best route to take. -M

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  7. it is weird that they signed it when the website doesn’t exist anymore. good for the team though for taking this seriously regardless, better to be safe then sorry!


  8. YES! We don’t need to copy anymore. Just like Chinese Pixie Hollow, they’ve created their own fairy style, wings, storyline, and events! If they can do it, you can do it too!


      1. its not copyright if you make your own models. for exmaple you could create the same shops and stuff in a couple different changes from scratch and they would count as your own.


  9. petty. but we shouldn’t give up so quick. why waste time on remaking and changing the style? it’s ok them who called the shut down card. do you, and show them who’s wrong. they can’t make money 😳 i doubt they even have the fantage trademark


  10. I really liked the idea of Fantage Legacy because it was going to be very similar to Fantage. I was actually looking very forward to creating a Fantage Legacy account and start recollecting my favorite items. I hope you guys can give Fantage Legacy a second thought, if CP Rewritten was shut down and came back multiple times, I wouldn’t mind Fantage Legacy being shut down and brought back several times either. I really want to play Fantage again because I’ve literally been dying for Fantage Legacy to come out. I hope you guys consider any further plans with Fantage Legacy and move forward with it. It’s worth the wait.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The problem with FL is that the team can’t make money off of it. No matter which way you look at it, a game can’t run on volunteers alone. The server costs, domain, etc. are all too demanding to be supported by a group of teens and/or young adults. Besides, the game is basically on the edge of being sued. It’s not a good idea to push it. There is a suggestion document where ideas can be added, and the game seems to have a strong resemblance to Fantage anyway.


  11. im really excited for wut u guys come up with! im so excited :3. i am still sad that fantage had copyright to everything even though they shut it down >-<! but in all im so excited!!!!!!!!!


  12. So if we decide to make some characters, can we use fantage based at all? For example just their body no eyes for hair or clothes we could just make our own clothes and stuff with just the body, would that still be copyrighted? Thanks 🙂


  13. i think that it was kinda obvious that they’d do something like that, so why didn’t u guys go with the “plan z” from the start instead of going through all of this trouble?


  14. Can we have the same characters that were in fantage? The short chibi ones? Because they were the only reason many people played this game.  There are Many other games which we can play but the characters are ugly. Can we have the same characters that were in fantage? The short chibi ones? Because they were the only reason many people played this game.  There are Many other games which we can play but the characters are ugly. We can remove the hoverboards and change the faces a bit? Like the lips and eyes or maybe we can use different types of hoverboards? Also can we have comics in the new game too? 🙂


  15. Even though this makes your job a lot harder, I think it will result in a more interesting game because it won’t be just like the Fantage we remember. Thank you for your dedication to the project!! 🙂


  16. According to the digital copyright laws, if it’s non-profit and for an educational instance, it is allowed to be remade, like Club Penguin Online.


    1. But you have to take into account the resources required for such a game. Club Penguin Rewritten has already faced numerous shut-downs and revivals. In the end, it is horribly inconsistent and the costs far outweigh the benefits of recreating Fantage. It’s the same amount of work for no money. And no money means instability. Even if it is technically legal to reproduce Fantage, I would not want to risk it considering they’ve already threatened the team. I would love for Fantage to come back, but from what I can see there are also so many swfs missing that are now forever irretrievable. Besides, Flash is going down in two years anyway, so a rebooted version probably wouldn’t last long anyhow.


  17. I liked Fantage Legacy more… can’t you guys just release both Fantage Legacy and Plan Z? Im really used to Fantage Legacy and I hoped that Legacy would be my chance to get the really valuable items that I never acquired on Fantage


    1. No… the entire point of the post was to state that they can NOT release Fantage Legacy due to copyright issues. Look forward to better and prettier items in the new game, the items that were considered “rare” on Fantage are now long gone.


  18. Huh… Well, at least your not giving up on the idea of a game, even if it means creating one from scratch. I would like to do some designs and to submit them, but I am traveling often (I just got back from a trip and another one is coming up in four days) so I cannot do any art. Anyway, I still would like to be on the design team and my application has been submitted already (I still await for the email, though).


  19. Can’t you still do it but in a different region? People like blizzard which is the company that has made world of warcraft still find it hard to shut down people’s private server and world of warcraft is definitely one of the bigger companies and well known, they’re also still on-going and haven’t shut down yet and you would think they would be more dedicated into trying to shut down servers. Fantage got shut down from not enough pay and I don’t think a smaller company could end up making the private server shut down while blizzard still struggles to.


  20. Yeah I was totally expecting this

    I know enough about copyright laws to know that you can’t use someone else’s work without their permission PERIOD. I was seriously wondering how this was allowed and well now we know it’s not XD

    Plan Z sounds awesome though, and I look forward to seeing where it goes!


  21. I plan on making a design for a few fantage buildings. One of the buildings I am designing is Star Cafe, should I use the same name “Star Cafe” or should I choose a different name?


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