You Spoke, We Listened!


Our first survey was a success! First, Agent Scarlet had a few remarks…

[Survey Results]

Apparently 29.3% of you don’t like Agent Scarlet… Don’t worry! She will get over it…. I hope?

We would like to thank all of our participants who took the time to take the survey! Our beginning development stages are the most crucial and your patience, ideas, and creativity are all appreciated!

As you could tell from the survey questions, we are focusing on a few big areas:

  • Account Security
  • Player Safety
  • Communicating with Friends Online
  • Membership/In-Game Upgrades
  • Game Features
  • Game Design

Many of you expressed concerns with your account security. We want to take further strides in making your account more secure as multiple users reported having their online accounts exposed to hackers. Many of you also expressed concerns with how you could communicate with others in the game. Nearly 79% of our survey participants believe that communicating with other users on was a bad experience. We will continue to experiment with your ideas to improve how you can communicate with users.

Another big focus for us will be game features. Over 75% of our survey participants believe all users should have the ability to trade items. So….. you spoke and we listened. We will include a newly designed trading system that will allow you to trade directly with other users on your server. Users will be able to set preferences on who can trade with them. There will be a trade value limit, preventing users from marking up prices. Additionally, we may release select items that can not be traded. We believe that taking these additional steps to prevent market value trading on other websites will improve the overall trading experience.

Design is our next biggest challenge. Over 96% of you would like to see the same type of pixel game, with over 89% of you thinking that we should keep users floating on hover boards. That is where our July Design Contest comes in:

  • Users still have until (July 31st, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST) to submit their new concept designs for Plan Z!
  • On August 1st, our team will select our best entries and post another survey with these entries. Users will be able to select their favorites, and at the end of the survey period our team will analyze the results and select the best design.
  • Keep sending those entries our way if you have not yet! Send entries to: with July Design Contest as the subject. Make sure to include your Fantage username in the body, along with your project! If you have already submitted your entry, do not worry about re-submitting if you did not include your Fantage username. 
  • For tips and guidelines, check out our contest page by clicking here.

That’s all we have for now!

More updates are in the works! Make sure you keep sending those entries in before time runs out!


PS: To those of you working on the Plan Z Idea List on Google Docs, nice work! Make sure you add your name/username under the Contributor section! M is always interested in hearing your ideas!




21 thoughts on “You Spoke, We Listened!

  1. Very exciting stuff! I’ve been anxiously awaiting updates and I just cannot wait until I can see the end product! It’s extremely considerate of you to allow those who will ultimately be playing the game to vote on the best design, and it really feels like a team effort! I definitely have a few ideas to add to that document 🙂
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Seems like many users want to have a game like Fantage… And hopefully there will be less hacking/scamming and a different chat filter (swear words and similalr looking words are banned, while everyday words are allowed).


  3. Do you know what life time mem means? When we pay only once not every month.,, Also add sim card purchase avaiblity, btw also dont make membership like 50 dollars. You can make normal, elite and gold membership. Life time normal membership: 3 dollars life time elite membership: 8-10 dollars Gold membership: 15 dollars. This will even make you more money and everyone will be able to enjoy the game 🙂


    1. Well that wouldn’t work because at some point everyone would have membership and the game would run out of funding. The membership can’t be cheap, otherwise the game wouldn’t be able to make money.


    1. Honestly, I think one currency is the way to do it. A lot of individuals seem to have taken to that idea. Then, anyone can get any item they want! It might result in a drop in profit but it is also a way to better control the market and satisfy players at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Random question: what level does everyone start at? I know leveling up can be done by playing games and getting medals, but is there any 15-level bonus for membership?


    1. That would simply allow us to use the domain name, but is otherwise useless. We’d still be prohibited from continuing Fantage Legacy. Besides, the people over there at Fantage have to give the A-OK; we can’t just buy it directly.


  5. I think it would be cool if we could choose the hair color for all hair styles (maybe with a color wheel or bar?) that will be in game. In fantage it always annoyed me that I liked a hairstyle but not the color and not being able to change it! So I’d be great if that could be a feature!


  6. A suggestion: I think you should add more options than the actual Fantage when paying for membership, like using sim cards and stuff, directly just adding my phone number and deducting my balance, I would gladly become a member in this case haha.
    Cheers, your fan from Dubai


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