July Design Contest Voting!

Hi everyone,

The July Design Contest has finally ended! That means it is time to vote! To keep the results as fair as possible, we have set up a few guidelines to remember while you choose your favorite entry:

  • The voting form will ask you for a Fantage Username and Email Address. This combination MUST be the same combination that you used for our July Features Poll if you participated. If you forget the combination that you used, please email support@fantagelegacy.com to retrieve the combination. This means that only the users who participated in our last voting poll may participate in our July Design Contest poll. Under certain circumstances we will allow for users to participate if they missed the previous poll. If this applies to you, please email support@fantagelegacy.com and we will get it straightened out for you.
  • If you enter an invalid Fantage Username or Email combination, your vote will be deleted automatically to help combat voting fraud.
  • We need our users to be honest when they vote. We need the most accurate data as possible.
  • If you are a participant in the July Design Contest and you see your work in the Top 10:
    • You may vote for your own work.
    • Please do not advertise your work to other users. Names have been covered to help prevent this. Promoting your work to other users will result in immediate disqualification from the contest and no commission contract negotiations will be pursued. The admins and moderators of the Fantage Community Discord Server have been notified of reporting any instances of this to us.
    • If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. Please be a good sport.
  • If you are a participant in the July Design Contest and you do not see your work in the Top 10:
    • Do not be discouraged. We had a lot of hard choices to make with a lot of entries in this contest.
    • Just because you do not see your work in the top ten selected by us does not mean we will not pursue you at a later time… you never know!

Here are the Top 10 entries:











From all of us here currently working on the project, THANK YOU PARTICIPANTS! We had so many good entries, and so many tough decisions to make when selecting what we thought were the Top 10 entries submitted by you guys. Please keep in mind that this survey is geared towards finding what you guys like too, not just us. We still may change the design entirely, or we may just leave it the same. Everything is still subject to change and nothing is set in stone yet. We want to find the most interest as possible, which is why we are so open to hearing all of the suggestions that you guys have for us. Heading in the right direction will be the key to our success, and that all starts with you guys.

Click HERE to vote!

Thank you for participating in our July Design Contest Survey! Happy voting, and thank you for all of the great entries participants! It will be users like you that help shape our new game.

(Our Ticker News module on the side panel of the blog will display smaller news updates that are too small to be posted as a blog post. It is a great way to keep closer in touch!)

Catch ya later,


25 thoughts on “July Design Contest Voting!

  1. 8 looks absolutely amazing! 8 gives off so many Fantage vibes…if you took design 8 and made it slightly bigger – Fantage sized – that would be perfect! All designs are amazing but 8 is definitely my favourite one out of all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i love all of them btw, the only reason why i would choose 8 is because it will have a piece of fantage forever with us in plan z


  3. Number 3 looks like a really good version of the vector styled art that Fantage used to make with their characters.

    Number 8 has really great details and I love how the artist provided so many different faces that players could switch between, and also different emotions! If you could make the avatar a bit larger, about the size of Number 5, I think it would be perfect! 🙂


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