July Design Contest Voting Results!

Hi everyone!

We have some really exciting news today… the results from the July Design Contest Poll are finally in! Thank you Agent Scarlet who took the time to go through the results and disqualify the entries from users who did not register their email and username with us, or participate in the July Features poll. She also found a few duplicate entries from users that were also removed.

Here were the Top 3 entries in order:

Fan Favorite Number One

Shiro Plan Z

The best quality photo is here: https://i.imgur.com/vwvqSmR.png

You must open this on a computer because it will appear blurry on a mobile device.

Fan Favorite Number Two


Fan Favorite Number Three


Here is a breakdown of some numbers if you’re into that sort of thing:

Number 8-

  • Over 60% of ALL valid votes.
  • Grossed over 350 valid votes from users.

Number 3-

  • Over 8% of ALL valid votes.
  • Grossed over 45 valid votes from users.

Number 9-

  • Just under 8% of ALL valid votes.
  • Just over 40 valid votes from users.

As you can see, Number 8 was our most popular entry. This tells us a lot about what kind of design and style we need to utilize for our game. All of our entries had different tastes and looks so this information is extremely useful to us. Thank you to everyone who participated in either voting for an entry, or creating an entry. I know a lot of you asked for feedback on why your designs didn’t make our top ten list, but a lot of it just really came down to picking different styles to get a large array of designs for you guys to get to choose from.

We will start working from here…


We need designs that MATCH Number 8. Time to take out those pixel making skills again because we need you to come up with some assets for these new characters! We are still looking to hire a full-time designer for characters, and this could be you! Just send us what you can come up with to support@fantagelegacy.com! We are looking for the following assets:

  • Hair designs
  • Eye designs
  • Shirt designs
  • Pants designs
  • Outfit designs
  • Costume designs
  • Shoe designs
  • Accessory designs
  • Hover board designs
  • NPC designs (Non-Playing Characters or Mascots)
  • World Map designs
  • Location designs
  • User-Interface designs

We are still in need of these assets and need our users to create some stuff they would like to see in this game! This is YOUR chance to make something or potentially work this us. There is no deadline for now on when we need to see the items listed above. (As soon as possible would be cool though.)

We also have a couple of housekeeping announcements:

  • It is that time of year again! BACK TO SCHOOL! We know a lot of you will be busy with school work, or extra curricular activities and that is 100% okay! Even M gets caught up in life believe it or not… with work and school so I apologize in advance for maybe a lack in updates during the school season. There is no need to constantly send emails to support asking for M to be more active… trust me I see them. I promise we will do the best we can at keeping our website, and partnership with the Fantage Community Discord as smooth and accessible as possible.
  • All of us would like to wish the best to Presley, who is one of the major contributors to this project on the backend. She does a lot with applications, and has helped with all of our contests. We certainly would not be where we are today without her. She was recently involved in a very tragic event that involved a motor vehicle accident. We ask that everyone keep her in their thoughts as she recovers from this tragedy.

That’s all for now!

Catch ya later,



27 thoughts on “July Design Contest Voting Results!

  1. i noticed that when i copied no. 8 into ms paint, it’s not at pixel size and the image becomes a bit blurry at that stage. is there any way to post the image in its pixellated size?


  2. I’ll definitely make some designs for base #8! I’m best at hairstyles but I’ll try to make other stuff too 🙂
    Hope Presley gets better soon!


  3. I didn’t know Fantage had closed until mid-July when I finally got a working laptop again and went to play the fashion show game. Please add in a fashion show similar to the one on the only Fantage! I would seriously be so happy


    1. This is a good question. Due to our limited timeline, we will not include poses for individual items. However… we may in the future add poses for different costume items you pick up! -M


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