100,000 Views, Unbelievable

Hi all!

Long time no update! It has been awhile hasn’t it?

I was recently checking stats and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for helping us get (over) 100,000 views…! Which is extremely incredible… Jimmy and I would like to thank each and every one of you.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to design something that compliments the ideas of our fans/users/friends. Like I stated a couple weeks ago, we are still working on a design that achieves this goal.

I am still very much actively checking the Google Doc that was created by a few users, and I still actively checking the Fantage Community Discord Legacy Discussion channel for what new ideas, suggestions, and comments you guys have to say. This incredible process all starts with you guys.

We are still attempting to finalize a name… this has been an extremely difficult task. We have had so many different ideas thrown at us, and it hasn’t helped the decision making process… We are also on the verge of completing a ‘finalized‘ avatar template that will be released alongside our official website in the upcoming weeks. Once we release our official website, this development blog will be converted to an archive of Fantage data.

Game development doesn’t happen overnight, and we appreciate your patience as we get going.

Catch ya later,


37 thoughts on “100,000 Views, Unbelievable

  1. Where can we play the game?
    and will it be exactly like fantage? And please make it soon cause I feel like it’s taking a long time and please do an update with the link of the website where we can play fantasy legacy thank you and regards

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  2. I am literally so excited for this game to come out!!! Hopefully its soon. Hopefully I can also use my other account on this one. I’ve been with Fantage since 2012 which is CRAZY and I honestly thought Fantage would disappear sometime. And its crazy how it did. But when is it being released??


  3. hi i gave you some name ideas by email but you havent gotten back to me. not trying to spam you or anything, just wondering if you got them. theyre kinda, oh idk, not the greatest ideas, but oh well theyre something. please tell me if you have just so i dont have to ask again. thx!


  4. I am 18 and I stopped fantage when I was 16. I played it since 2010 and just had a dream about fantage ? i don’t know why but i’m sad it’s gone . it brings so much memories of my childhood and all the bad and good things I learned from the game lol . I miss it :/


  5. i had a dream about fantage and it was about how it just suddenly came back. I wish it was back, but I KNOW you will do all of us justice to bring back this childhood game:)


  6. Wow. I’m super excited, I’m sixteen and I’ve played Fantage since 2010, meaning..I’ve played for half my life. I was really depressed when Fantage closed down because I never even got the news (I was sort of inactive), so I didn’t get to say goodbye or even contact any of my childhood friends. I dont know, but ever since I’ve just felt kind of empty. I know that I’m pretty old to be playing games like Fantage, but still- it was part of my childhood and the fact that it has been shut down makes me feel like I’ve lost a precious time in my life. Anyway, thank you so much for deciding to bring in Plan Z. I hope that all goes well and that it’ll be what Fantage was known for, and for what we wished it to be. – WYNTER9459


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