Will the Wait Be Worth It…?

Hi all!

Not allowed to say much, but I will leave you with this one and only sneak peak of the new game!

Sneak Peak Photo

(The top left hand corner has been blurred out to cover the logo.)

An ALL NEW exciting website is in the works, where you can register your new account! The name, other assets, and more information will be kept secret for now! Be on the lookout for our next post, where we will invite everyone to a LIVE conference call to display and demo our new project. You won’t want to miss it!

Will the wait be worth it…?

That’s all for now!


37 thoughts on “Will the Wait Be Worth It…?

      1. We post exclusively on the Fantage Community Discord under the ‘Plan Z Announcements’ channel. A link to the Discord can be found on the Social Media page of this blog. -M


  1. no way!! will you also announce the live stream on insta. Ive been waiting for months congrats on this new project guys you made it worth the wait


  2. Omygosh I can’t wait! You guys are my heros thank you so much for all the work you put in to this project it’s going to be AMAZING!!!


  3. Will you guys be using the same soundtracks as the original Fantage? I may be able to help with providing some. It should be allowed since people upload them on Youtube without getting any copyright strikes. I have a good amount of tracks recorded if you will use them.


  4. When will we have a release date? CP online just doesn’t do it for me.. Nothing can compare to the game that always had my heart.


  5. YESS but how would currency work? I hope they have a lot of good clothes too!! Omg now I can say I’ve been playing since the beginning of Fantage legacy😂😂


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