The Biggest Update in Update History

Hi all,

The biggest update in update history has arrived! I like to update the blog on the 3rd day of the month just to keep tradition, so I apologize for not getting this published yesterday! My video editing software seems to be having rendering issues so… while I continue to look into that, here is a little preview of what is to come!

(Some features may be beta only, require premium membership, or may be subject to change.)

I am super proud of the team and the progress we have made so far. To be self-funded, and to invest a lot of my own money and time into the production of this game, I am grateful for each and every one of you. I am completely speechless and appreciate all of the support and love you guys give. Looking forward, I think you guys have a lot to look forward to… #ALLIN

That’s all….. for now!

Catch ya later,



39 thoughts on “The Biggest Update in Update History

  1. AHHHHH IM SO EXCITED! HOPEFULLY THIS GAME WILL BE AWESOME! …um…will this game be based off of fantage or….?


    1. Considering this isn’t linked to the new Fantage in any way except in name and base ideas I completely doubt we’d be able to use old Fantage accounts to log in. For that to be possible they would have to have a way to transfer old data from the original Fantage servers to these new ones. This would be very hard to do considering the people creating this are just old Fantage players trying to recreate an amazing experience.


  2. OMG tysm for doing this, we all appreciate the time and effort you guys are all putting into this, we all love you guys and will continue to support ❤


  3. i wasnt a member on fantage but i still did get a lot of access to many cool items. will your website be like that or the will be like club penguin where you could barely do and get anything without paid membership?


    1. I believe (from the information I’ve gathered while stalking everything related to this game) that they will have many features free to play. I believe this because they’re trying to preserve a lot of the good things related to Fantage.


  4. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to this so much. I’ve been checking back in daily, and watching the progress is so amazing. Congrats, guys! This is gonna be amazing. And a blast. I’m so excited!


    1. It’s probably just there for now as a safety measure. That’s what I was thinking anyway. It might go away once it’s released to the public.


      1. The pin is an added level of security that will be required for every user. Used to prevent unauthorized login attempts, make account level changes, etc. -M

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  5. awesome sauce man B) really hype !!! also love all of the effort you guys have put into this game and im really thankful !!


  6. aaaaaaAAAAA IM SO PUMPED! I played fantage from 2011-2018, and seeing something so similar yet so different come out has been such an amazing journey so far, I can’t wait to play it ❤


  7. This actually is so amazing! It’s all thanks to you that the community will have a chance to reconnect and move on in a new era! To you, your team, and the Legacy!


    1. This video was just an update of where they are in the creation of it. Everyone will be able to join once it’s released to the public.


  8. Premium membership? I thought this was a revival of the game after it closed – are you guys related to the original team and you’re allowed to make money off this? :/ If this is a cash grab just like the old game then count me out. Making money off a fanbase of predominantly kids and teens is just wrong.


    1. I don’t think they’re trying to make this a “cash grab”. Most games like this have paid membership features. The problems with these features come when there are so many restrictions for the free to play players that its hard for them to enjoy the game. The people working on this game are trying to make this all the good things about Fantage, so, I’m more then certain they will not restrict free to play users to the point its no longer fun, but they will need to make money to be able to put back towards the game which is probably why they still have memberships.


  9. i was wondering if you need any help with concept designs for clothing and hairs etc. i would be really interested in helping!


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