Important Announcement Regarding Development

Hi all,

I will be addressing the public today in regards to updates with the project, staff, and community. 

  • As of yesterday (3/13/19), Jimmy will no longer be involved with the development of this game. This decision comes from comments that were publicly posted on the Fantage Community Discord server by Jimmy. The comments are deemed inappropriate, disrespectful, and an abuse of community manager power.
    • Jimmy has received multiple warnings regarding interactions with the community, and was found violating our code of conduct for the third time. We are dedicated to providing our users with a safely controlled environment that is managed by qualified personnel, and have therefore decided it was time to part ways with Jimmy. I appreciate all of the hard work Jimmy has provided for this game, and wish him all the best.
    • We are now searching for a new community manager to fill Jimmy’s position. The position details are posted on the previous blog post, and will be open until the position is filled. This position is administrative, and will have direct reports to the project leader. We are an equal-opportunity employer, and therefore encourage all users that are interested to apply.
  • We will no longer be endorsing the Fantage Community Discord server. Over the past few months, many of our community members have joined the server expanding it to over 1000 members, which is incredible. In place of the Fantage Community Discord server, we will be launching our own Plan Z Discord server. This will allow for users to more easily access, and discuss changes/events/news with Plan Z personnel. We will be releasing the Plan Z Discord server to the public within a few weeks.
    • I would like to thank Jiko, the owner of the Fantage Community Discord server for allowing us to use the Discord server that she created and maintains regularly. She will receive a special honor in the game, along with complimentary premium membership for a year. If you get an opportunity, make sure you take a moment to thank Jiko for her dedication to the Fantage Community Discord. She does a lot of work behind the scenes to keep it organized and maintained. It would not be possible without her.
  • We will no longer be updating the blog regularly displaying game progress. This decision comes from backlash we have received from the community that is unjustifiably unacceptable towards this team. The expectations some members in this community have set regarding how much control they have over what updates are posted, and demands that are created are not only rude, but disrespectful to all of the hard work my fellow team members and I put into development. I am disappointed in some of the comments I have seen from community members mocking our assets, progress, and or fellow team members. If you have made a comment as described above, this decision comes because of your actions. We see a lot more than you think, and this is direct outcome from it.
    • We are all taking time out of our own lives to create something that will be better than anything you have seen before, and this is how you treat those people? If you have made one of those comments, you have nobody to blame but yourself. For those of you that appreciated the updates we gave, I sincerely apologize for the disappointment you now have.
    • We will still poll the community every now and again when deemed appropriate. We still value feedback when it is necessary to proceed with development.
    • Development of Plan Z will continue as normal. The game is NOT stopping development.

I hope that most of you understand now how powerful a voice is, and how serious it can be. Words can not express how disappointed I am in the level of disrespect some of you have pushed towards this project that is designed to be something better than you have ever seen. Some of you do not deserve the privilege of participating in the development of this game simply for that reason.

That’s all for now,



8 thoughts on “Important Announcement Regarding Development

  1. Oh no!! I apologise on the behalf of all disrespectful commenters. You are right; being a part of this game’s development is an amazing privilage these trolls do not deserve! I didn’t get to see any of the bad messages but if I did I would have put a stop to them. We are so sorry this happened, and you still have our support, updates or none!

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  2. a lot of the backlash might be coming from the whole “premium membership” situation. if you think about it, lots of people began to hate fantage due to it being a cash grab and nothing but a scam. by you guys making premium membership having something to pay for, it just seems quite sad to players, hence why they are now mad you decided to have this decision. people like cpps, (club penguin private servers) because its /free/ membership, with /free/ items, only making you pay for very little things (like vip, which i think you guys should do.) as someone who used to code and make the ideas for stuff like this, i think you should take what i said into consideration.
    you guys are great, and what you’re doing is an amazing concept, but no matter what, you are bound to get backlash for anything. avoiding updates on blogs and etc won’t do much, you’ll still get backlash, seeing as its something that comes with life.
    however, i am quite sorry for the whole thing about jimmy and the backlash.
    definitely trying not to be mean, just some criticism 🙂


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  3. I use the Discord server sometimes to pop in and check on updates. I was very suprised to see how disrespectful users in that Discord were. Sadly, I saw this coming. I’m very proud of how far your team has gone in development and I’m excited about the future. Whatever decisions you and your team has is up to you guys as a team, not the fans. We’re greatful for you even sharing this adventure of your project!

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  4. That’s such a shame! This was my only way of getting news because I don’t have discord. I will still continue to support you guys and I can’t wait to see the final project. I just wanted to say thank you for putting so much work into this project because it really means a lot to me!

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  5. I’m sorry people were leaving bad comments after you worked so hard. Thank you for doing this. I loved Fantage and I will be glad when this comes out. It’s a shame about Jimmy. Unfortunately, some people in the world make fun of others, no matter how hard they work. I hope you get a good new community manager. I will always support you guys and never say anything bad about this project.

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