Oh Hey…


New year, new sneak peek! Unfortunately, they made me block out the logo, and the names of the servers that are currently visible… but hey one of my buddies happens to be online!

I also got the thumbs up to talk a little about our favorite feature…. the chat.

  • We will open with three active servers. The chat mode you are currently enrolled in will determine which server(s) you will have access to.
  • We will open with two chat modes. Those chat modes will be Moderated and Safe. Moderated Chat will be… moderated, by folks like M! All messages sent via the public Moderated Chat will be visible to users that are in the same room… so yes, the days of having pesky filters ruining online games has come to an end.
  • How will we ever combat those users that decide to try to take advantage of the system? Well that is where our moderators (people like M), come in. Our moderators will consider criteria that is predefined and use their own judgement to disable users that are causing a disturbance online. All user messages sent via public chat, instant messenger, and comments will be reviewed. So users may not always be disabled right away, but don’t worry… the law will catch up with them…queue M chasing people down the street with a baseball bat
  • Safe Chat will be our safest option, only allowing users to send messages that have been pre-typed by our team.
  • We believe that by defining server specific chat modes, we will enable more age groups to take advantage of playing our new game, in the safest way possible. The chat mode you are currently enrolled in can always be changed via your 4-digit pin and email verification. Each server will still have the same content across the board, so no need to worry about another group getting access to a special item you can’t get!

Q and A Notes: 

  • Question: “M you do realize there are 4 server options in that photo right?”
  • Answer: Yes I do realize that, the name for the last one is “Server Option 4” so there wasn’t really a need to cover it… Realistically, if you’re on Moderated Chat, you will only see two servers, Safe Chat users will only see one server at launch. If we expand, (hopefully) you will have a much larger server selection.
  • Question: “M when is the game going to be released?”
  • Answer: It’s extremely hard to determine. I’m really bad at giving estimates, so let me just say THIS YEAR to be safe and avoid any riots.
  • Question: “M why don’t you start a Kickstarter or GoFundMe to fund the game?”
  • Answer: We will invest our resources in you guys (the players) before the game even opens to the public. So we need you guys (the players) to help our development by making purchases from our store (Membership and Stars) once we open for testing… so the future of this game is dependent on you guys.
  • Question: “M what is this ‘star’ you just mentioned?”
  • Answer: Stars are our premium currency that can be purchased from our online store! Items purchased with stars will often be discounted, and never disappear from your inventory, regardless of membership status!
  • Question: “Will another in-game currency ever be released?”
  • Answer: No, this isn’t Fantage.
  • Question: “M what is the name of the game?”
  • Answer: “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” (PS there may or may not be spaces/special characters!)
  • Question: “When should we expect a website for the game?”
  • Answer: We’ll release the website, and name of the game all at the same time.
  • Question: “M I want to help. How can I help?”
  • Answer: Would you be interested in donating? All of us working on the project have been working without any funding in our spare time… Item concepts are also cool! I love seeing what you guys come up with! (Prompts to user angela#3413 on Discord for some awesome looking designs! Nice work!)
  • Question: “M do you like Coke or Pepsi more?”
  • Answer: Water!!!

That’s all I have time for today!

Catch ya later!


Will the Wait Be Worth It…?

Hi all!

Not allowed to say much, but I will leave you with this one and only sneak peak of the new game!

Sneak Peak Photo

(The top left hand corner has been blurred out to cover the logo.)

An ALL NEW exciting website is in the works, where you can register your new account! The name, other assets, and more information will be kept secret for now! Be on the lookout for our next post, where we will invite everyone to a LIVE conference call to display and demo our new project. You won’t want to miss it!

Will the wait be worth it…?

That’s all for now!


100,000 Views, Unbelievable

Hi all!

Long time no update! It has been awhile hasn’t it?

I was recently checking stats and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for helping us get (over) 100,000 views…! Which is extremely incredible… Jimmy and I would like to thank each and every one of you.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to design something that compliments the ideas of our fans/users/friends. Like I stated a couple weeks ago, we are still working on a design that achieves this goal.

I am still very much actively checking the Google Doc that was created by a few users, and I still actively checking the Fantage Community Discord Legacy Discussion channel for what new ideas, suggestions, and comments you guys have to say. This incredible process all starts with you guys.

We are still attempting to finalize a name… this has been an extremely difficult task. We have had so many different ideas thrown at us, and it hasn’t helped the decision making process… We are also on the verge of completing a ‘finalized‘ avatar template that will be released alongside our official website in the upcoming weeks. Once we release our official website, this development blog will be converted to an archive of Fantage data.

Game development doesn’t happen overnight, and we appreciate your patience as we get going.

Catch ya later,