July Design Contest Voting Results!

Hi everyone!

We have some really exciting news today… the results from the July Design Contest Poll are finally in! Thank you Agent Scarlet who took the time to go through the results and disqualify the entries from users who did not register their email and username with us, or participate in the July Features poll. She also found a few duplicate entries from users that were also removed.

Here were the Top 3 entries in order:

Fan Favorite Number One

Shiro Plan Z

The best quality photo is here: https://i.imgur.com/vwvqSmR.png

You must open this on a computer because it will appear blurry on a mobile device.

Fan Favorite Number Two


Fan Favorite Number Three


Here is a breakdown of some numbers if you’re into that sort of thing:

Number 8-

  • Over 60% of ALL valid votes.
  • Grossed over 350 valid votes from users.

Number 3-

  • Over 8% of ALL valid votes.
  • Grossed over 45 valid votes from users.

Number 9-

  • Just under 8% of ALL valid votes.
  • Just over 40 valid votes from users.

As you can see, Number 8 was our most popular entry. This tells us a lot about what kind of design and style we need to utilize for our game. All of our entries had different tastes and looks so this information is extremely useful to us. Thank you to everyone who participated in either voting for an entry, or creating an entry. I know a lot of you asked for feedback on why your designs didn’t make our top ten list, but a lot of it just really came down to picking different styles to get a large array of designs for you guys to get to choose from.

We will start working from here…


We need designs that MATCH Number 8. Time to take out those pixel making skills again because we need you to come up with some assets for these new characters! We are still looking to hire a full-time designer for characters, and this could be you! Just send us what you can come up with to support@fantagelegacy.com! We are looking for the following assets:

  • Hair designs
  • Eye designs
  • Shirt designs
  • Pants designs
  • Outfit designs
  • Costume designs
  • Shoe designs
  • Accessory designs
  • Hover board designs
  • NPC designs (Non-Playing Characters or Mascots)
  • World Map designs
  • Location designs
  • User-Interface designs

We are still in need of these assets and need our users to create some stuff they would like to see in this game! This is YOUR chance to make something or potentially work this us. There is no deadline for now on when we need to see the items listed above. (As soon as possible would be cool though.)

We also have a couple of housekeeping announcements:

  • It is that time of year again! BACK TO SCHOOL! We know a lot of you will be busy with school work, or extra curricular activities and that is 100% okay! Even M gets caught up in life believe it or not… with work and school so I apologize in advance for maybe a lack in updates during the school season. There is no need to constantly send emails to support asking for M to be more active… trust me I see them. I promise we will do the best we can at keeping our website, and partnership with the Fantage Community Discord as smooth and accessible as possible.
  • All of us would like to wish the best to Presley, who is one of the major contributors to this project on the backend. She does a lot with applications, and has helped with all of our contests. We certainly would not be where we are today without her. She was recently involved in a very tragic event that involved a motor vehicle accident. We ask that everyone keep her in their thoughts as she recovers from this tragedy.

That’s all for now!

Catch ya later,




July Design Contest Voting!

Hi everyone,

The July Design Contest has finally ended! That means it is time to vote! To keep the results as fair as possible, we have set up a few guidelines to remember while you choose your favorite entry:

  • The voting form will ask you for a Fantage Username and Email Address. This combination MUST be the same combination that you used for our July Features Poll if you participated. If you forget the combination that you used, please email support@fantagelegacy.com to retrieve the combination. This means that only the users who participated in our last voting poll may participate in our July Design Contest poll. Under certain circumstances we will allow for users to participate if they missed the previous poll. If this applies to you, please email support@fantagelegacy.com and we will get it straightened out for you.
  • If you enter an invalid Fantage Username or Email combination, your vote will be deleted automatically to help combat voting fraud.
  • We need our users to be honest when they vote. We need the most accurate data as possible.
  • If you are a participant in the July Design Contest and you see your work in the Top 10:
    • You may vote for your own work.
    • Please do not advertise your work to other users. Names have been covered to help prevent this. Promoting your work to other users will result in immediate disqualification from the contest and no commission contract negotiations will be pursued. The admins and moderators of the Fantage Community Discord Server have been notified of reporting any instances of this to us.
    • If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. Please be a good sport.
  • If you are a participant in the July Design Contest and you do not see your work in the Top 10:
    • Do not be discouraged. We had a lot of hard choices to make with a lot of entries in this contest.
    • Just because you do not see your work in the top ten selected by us does not mean we will not pursue you at a later time… you never know!

Here are the Top 10 entries:











From all of us here currently working on the project, THANK YOU PARTICIPANTS! We had so many good entries, and so many tough decisions to make when selecting what we thought were the Top 10 entries submitted by you guys. Please keep in mind that this survey is geared towards finding what you guys like too, not just us. We still may change the design entirely, or we may just leave it the same. Everything is still subject to change and nothing is set in stone yet. We want to find the most interest as possible, which is why we are so open to hearing all of the suggestions that you guys have for us. Heading in the right direction will be the key to our success, and that all starts with you guys.

Click HERE to vote!

Thank you for participating in our July Design Contest Survey! Happy voting, and thank you for all of the great entries participants! It will be users like you that help shape our new game.

(Our Ticker News module on the side panel of the blog will display smaller news updates that are too small to be posted as a blog post. It is a great way to keep closer in touch!)

Catch ya later,


You Spoke, We Listened!


Our first survey was a success! First, Agent Scarlet had a few remarks…

[Survey Results]

Apparently 29.3% of you don’t like Agent Scarlet… Don’t worry! She will get over it…. I hope?

We would like to thank all of our participants who took the time to take the survey! Our beginning development stages are the most crucial and your patience, ideas, and creativity are all appreciated!

As you could tell from the survey questions, we are focusing on a few big areas:

  • Account Security
  • Player Safety
  • Communicating with Friends Online
  • Membership/In-Game Upgrades
  • Game Features
  • Game Design

Many of you expressed concerns with your account security. We want to take further strides in making your account more secure as multiple users reported having their online accounts exposed to hackers. Many of you also expressed concerns with how you could communicate with others in the game. Nearly 79% of our survey participants believe that communicating with other users on Fantage.com was a bad experience. We will continue to experiment with your ideas to improve how you can communicate with users.

Another big focus for us will be game features. Over 75% of our survey participants believe all users should have the ability to trade items. So….. you spoke and we listened. We will include a newly designed trading system that will allow you to trade directly with other users on your server. Users will be able to set preferences on who can trade with them. There will be a trade value limit, preventing users from marking up prices. Additionally, we may release select items that can not be traded. We believe that taking these additional steps to prevent market value trading on other websites will improve the overall trading experience.

Design is our next biggest challenge. Over 96% of you would like to see the same type of pixel game, with over 89% of you thinking that we should keep users floating on hover boards. That is where our July Design Contest comes in:

  • Users still have until (July 31st, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST) to submit their new concept designs for Plan Z!
  • On August 1st, our team will select our best entries and post another survey with these entries. Users will be able to select their favorites, and at the end of the survey period our team will analyze the results and select the best design.
  • Keep sending those entries our way if you have not yet! Send entries to: contest@fantagelegacy.com with July Design Contest as the subject. Make sure to include your Fantage username in the body, along with your project! If you have already submitted your entry, do not worry about re-submitting if you did not include your Fantage username. 
  • For tips and guidelines, check out our contest page by clicking here.

That’s all we have for now!

More updates are in the works! Make sure you keep sending those entries in before time runs out!


PS: To those of you working on the Plan Z Idea List on Google Docs, nice work! Make sure you add your name/username under the Contributor section! M is always interested in hearing your ideas!




Survey Time!

Hi all,

To further advance our research and development of our new project, Plan Z, we will be conducting a survey. Your participation and honesty while taking this survey is crucial to our beginning stages of this new project. We would like to see as many people participate in this survey as possible to get the best results.

Here is the link to our survey: (Survey has closed)

We have been informed of some confusion on the contest we are currently holding. We will be posting more specifics in the coming days as we compile some frequently asked questions from participants.

Participation has been good, but we would still like to see some more designs that you guys have come up with!

(Plan Z Survey)

As always, if you have any questions please direct them to support@fantagelegacy.com!

Catch ya later,


Thank You!

Hi everyone,

Today our Developer Blog hit a huge milestone… 10,000 views! 

We would like to thank each of our supporters that have been actively participating in our #ALLIN campaign since the very beginning, and to those of you who have made a difference in this community. Each of us here at Fantage Legacy value the dedication, support, and encouragement a lot of you give to our project.

We know a lot of you are starting to lose patience with updates, and we know it is coming down to the wire. Each of us are working extremely hard, and will be working around the clock for the next 13 days doing what we can to make this happen before June 30th, 2018. Updates will continue to pop up on our blog here, our Instagram profiles, and the Fantage Community Discord server.

I would also like to thank all of the members of the project team, Jimmy, and Peter for their dedication to the development of this project. You guys make all the difference to this project, and I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the great work guys.

Updates on development are coming very soon!

Thanks again everyone!


Discord Server Information


The Fantage Legacy project has officially joined a community Discord server! This Discord server is maintained by members of the community. Please note that Fantage Legacy, our project team members, and our Terms and Conditions do NOT translate to this Discord server! The rules and guidelines of this Discord server are determined by the administrators of the Discord server.

Once you have joined this Discord server, you can find information about Fantage Legacy under ‘Introduction’, and then ‘# fantage-legacy-news’. Our project team will post updates under that channel of the Discord server.

If you have general questions about this Discord server partnership, please contact us by clicking here. If you have general questions about the functionality of the Discord server, please contact one of the administrators of the Discord server.

We will still continue to update our official blog, Instagram profiles, Youtube, and now Discord server.

Thank you for your continued support of our development,

The Fantage Legacy Team

Features Page Update!

Hi everyone,

As promised, a new update on development has arrived!

Our Features Page has been released! There you can find the official list of game features that will make up Fantage Legacy. You can view the page by clicking here.

On a quick side note, I have been getting a huge influx of emails that consist of questions, applications, and other inquiries about the game! Thank you for your patience as I sort through all of these! My inbox is crazy right now. So just know that I’m not ignoring anyone!

Thanks for the continued support of our project, and I’ll update you guys again soon! (Hopefully with a LIVE demo next time…?)

Catch ya later!