The following features will be included in Fantage Legacy:


After going back and forth on how we wanted to handle registration, we realized that this is a community edition game. With that being said, everyone should be able to access Fantage Legacy. At this time, we will not require users to donate, or pay to play Fantage Legacy. 


When you register an account with Fantage Legacy, premium membership will automatically be added to your account for free! We want all users to be able to access premium features that were introduced on Fantage. This gives all users the ability to collect all virtual items. 


By allowing all users to be premium members, eCoins and Gold will become obsolete. Stars and rare gems will be the only way users can collect items to be stored in their virtual inventories! Earning stars in the game will remain the same, by playing mini-games and completing tasks in the game. Gems can still be earned for reaching a certain score on select Wizard Domain games.


MyMall, and Lucky Bob’s Trading Post will be removed permanently from the game. We will not introduce a new feature for users to trade virtual items with each other. Users will be responsible for earning their items, including during special events that will introduce items that will only be available for a short period of time. Users that use cheating methods to add items to their virtual inventory will be banned permanently. If you suspect fraudulent users, please report them by clicking here.


Fantage Legacy will occasionally introduce events for users to participate in on the game. These events will mainly consist of the reveal of new virtual items that you can purchase with stars or gems in the game. (Expect events to take place on major holidays in the United States.)


Our administration team takes the safety and security of our users very seriously. We want to reduce the large number of users that break the Terms and Conditions, Chat and Behavior Code, and Privacy Policy on Fantage.com. We will introduce a 4 digit security code that users will have to create when registering their account. This 4 digit security code will be used to help verify user accounts, and will be utilized if our system detects a login attempt from a remote location. If you ever feel that your account has been compromised, or if you feel a user is breaking our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, or Legal Disclaimer, please contact us at support@fantagelegacy.com or submit a form by clicking here. Thank you for helping keep Fantage Legacy as safe, and user-friendly to all ages as possible.


Question: Will I have to create a new account for Fantage Legacy? Or can I use my Fantage account?

Answer: You will need to create a new account to use with Fantage Legacy. Unfortunately your virtual items from your Fantage account will not transfer to your Fantage Legacy account. The good news is you get free premium membership with Fantage Legacy!

Question: When will Fantage Legacy be released?

Answer: We do not have an exact date set yet. There will be three different stages in our development process: Closed Beta, Open Beta, and Final Release. Random users will be selected to participate in Closed Beta. Once we conclude Closed Beta, Open Beta will be released. During Open Beta, anyone can join. During both stages, it is important that users report all issues with the game. Once we conclude Open Beta, the final game will be released.

Question: Can I participate in Closed Beta M?!

Answer: Maybe! Your odds are better for being selected if you do not beg for a spot on the final roster. Follow our blog, Instagram, and Discord to receive updates on when we will select users for Closed Beta testing.

Question: M, will there still be medals, levels, and the Hall of Fame in Fantage Legacy?

Answer: Yes, as of right now we plan on including this feature for users. Users caught using cheating methods in the game to raise their level will be banned by our moderation team.

Question: M why does it take you so long to respond to me?!

Answer: I have been swamped with questions and inquiries about Fantage Legacy recently. I apologize for taking so long to respond to some of you, I’m not ignoring you! So many people have been sending me ideas and suggestions that I really have to think about. I want to incorporate everyone’s ideas for the game. I promise I’ll catch back up to responding to messages soon!

Question: M can I help you guys make the game?

Answer: We have posted official positions that can be found by clicking here. You must meet all or most of the qualifications in order to be eligible for the position you are applying for. If you have questions about a job, please contact us at jobs@fantagelegacy.com.

Question: M why is your username for Fantage Legacy M?

Answer: M stands for mysterious!

More FAQ’s will be added over time! Check back later to see if any additional questions have been answered!

Features Last Updated: June 11th, 2018